What’s New in the Old Nabe of Bryker Woods?

A local for 45 years, Betty the Bryker Woods lamp guru has seen it all.

Can you describe the neighborhood for me?

It has small houses, they haven’t built big ones here yet. It’s an middle to upper class neighborhood. It’s well kept.  People love their neighbors here. There are very few rented houses here, most are owned. There are great parks.

How have you seen this nabe change over the years?

When I first came here their was a dime store and an ice cream parlor down the road.  Those are closed now.  But there are still nice restaurants and small businesses and people still walk down the street to go and do things.

What have you been surprised by in this neighborhood over the years?

My own longevity (smiles).

Tell me about some of the things you have seen built and changed over the years.

Well, when the hospital was built (Seton Medical Center), that was a very nice asset to the community.  The Shoal Creek bridge was a good asset as well, before the bridge came the road was barricaded at the creek.  Mopac (aka Loop 1, a major north-south thoroughfare highway) was nice, it brought the cross town traffic on 35th/38th street, which is a good asset for us.  When I moved here Mopac was just a railroad.

What is your favorite part of this community?

The people. There are lovely people here.  It’s a family oriented place and there are lots of children and people of every profession you could imagine.

What would you change about the neighborhood if you could change anything?

Well, there was an ordinance, actually I’m not sure if ordinance is the right word, but it would have allowed high rises with businesses on the bottom and residential living areas above, similar to The Triangle.  I wanted that, I thought that could have been a good asset to the community.

Are there any bad areas of Bryker Woods?

Not to my knowledge. There are lots of parks here and old houses, but nice old houses.  People take care of them.

If you had to move to a different neighborhood, what neighborhood would you move to that would meet your needs?

I absolutely would not move.

Do you have any advice for someone moving into the area?

Take pleasure in what [Bryker Woods] has to offer.