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Parker Lane consists of many modest residential homes surrounding the 50 acre Mable Davis District Park. Just past I-35 is St. Edwards, making Parker Lane a popular destination for students looking for their temporary college homes. An Olympic swimming pool and Austin’s first skate park gives Parker Lane a sense of community where all age groups can utilize the local facilities.

Top Attributes

Parking 8.0
Quiet 6.5
Public Transportation 5.8
Ethnic 5.0
Pet friendly 5.0

Lowest Attributes

Shopping 2.9
Families 2.5
Empty nesters 1.9
Seniors 1.8
Income 1.4

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Dustin S.
Dustin S.
Dustin S. visited here before
It Could Be Worse
This area isn’t the greatest but it could be worse. The east side has plenty of unsafe neighborhoods, but this one isn’t as bad as others. I have been told by realtors to not live here because of drug problems, violence, and just overall bad housing, but will tell you that it is cheap.

The Mable Davis District Park is located in this neighborhood so its got that…but not much else really.

Craig W.
Craig W.
Craig W. visited here before
What to do in Parker Lane
There isn’t a whole lot of credit to give Parker Lane. But I will try. It’s cheap, it’s close to St. Eds, it has quick and easy access to I-35 and highway 71 and it has a nice park in Mabel Davis District Park.

My cousin used to go skate boarding at the skate park in Mabel Davis and I’ve heard they have an “off leash” pet area and a nice pond. I also found out that the park is built on top of a trash dump, which isn’t very awesome. Although the trash dump was sealed to comply with environmental standards in 1979 erosion caused a contamination leak in 2000 that temporarily closed the park down. So, that’s kinda gross.

Another factor to keep in mind is crime. This isn’t the safest part of town.

Will B.
Will B.
Will B. visited here before
Don’t live here.
This is a sketchy nabe on the east side… completely lacking in any of that east side charm. The homes are all cheap 80’s houses and apartments, which makes for some very affordable rentals, but not much to look at. While it’s not the most cracked out nabe around Austin, it does seem to have some issues. Lots of east side nabes have issues. But this particular area doesn’t have any redeeming qualities: no beautiful murals, no unique landscape or gardening, no lawn art, no good taco shacks (the restaurant names are Spanish but the food tastes worse than taco bell… probably just drug dealing fronts), no originality, no artistic vibe, nobody that wants to stick around for long. For most people, it’s just the first or cheapest place they found, stuck around until the lease was up, and then moved on as soon as they discovered another nabe.

Mickey P.
Mickey P.
Mickey P. visited here before
The Usua…
As it is with most Austin nabes, there isn’t exactly ONE way to classify Parker Lane. Overall, it is a modest suburb type area that is mostly residential. To buy a house in Parker Lane is inexpensive by Austin standards. Most homes are modest, nothing TOO special but not run down either. In my humble opinion, it’s a nice location as far as distance to downtown, Zilker, Lady Bird Lake, etc. East of I-35 doesn’t always get a good rep but I think that is starting to change. However, as with practically everywhere else, there are several unexpected finds throughout Parker Lane. There are a few streets or pockets that are really rather dumpy. There are also homes that people have remodeled or built that are stunning. Shocker right? Not really, this is Austin..where the rich and poor intermingle to create the epitome of “eclectic.”

Sammy J.
Sammy J.
Sammy J. visited here before
Hit or Miss
The people in this nabe are as diverse as Austin gets. From crackheads, to families, to young singles, to old retired Austinites with beautiful, updated homes. Just be sure to get a good look around your block before settling in around here.

My brother used to live along the northern Oltorf border. He moved once the downstairs apartment started smelling like a meth lab. My good friend lived just south east of that. She was nearly raped, but luckily had a huge, mean dog to protect her. Then, at the southern most border, my other good friend has enjoyed an extremely cheap duplex for many years, with great neighbors that have ended up becoming great friends.

So, yeah. Hit or miss.