Local Rec Center Rep Praises Allandale

Vangie works in the Northwest Recreational Center at the front desk. She grew up in Austin, went to school just up the road from the Rec. Center, and loves Allandales tight knit community.

Can you describe Allandale?

Upper middle class, friendly, open, people are out walking their dogs, it’s outdoorsy.  It’s been the same here since I went to high school.

What’s your favorite part of Allandale?

Northwest Park is nice. It has a playground, swimming pool, basketball courts and all sorts of things.  Right here [the Northwest Rec Center] is also a nice place, we have summer camps, youth programs and adult programs.  This rec center is a brand new facility, we just opened at the beginning of June for summer camps and some activities and our major, real opening is in July.  So it is absolutely brand new.  It did not used to look this good, now it is very nice.

Another good part of the neighborhood is all the access to things nearby.  There is an HEB just down the road and there’s also a Randall’s, so you have a choice of grocery stores.  There is an Amy’s Ice Cream.  There is a park and the Northwest Little League plays here as well.  The schools are very good in Allandale and we do an after school program so the kids have something to do after school because this is a nice neighborhood, but parents still have full time jobs here.

Is there anything you would like to change about the nabe?

I would change 2222 [also know as Koenig inside town, it’s a major street cutting east-to-west through north central Austin].  It is a little bit dangerous for biker on that street especially near Mopac [also know as Loop 1, major freeway running north-to-south through central Austin]. I would also change the way some people ride their bikes around here, such as running stop signs.

Tell me about the 4th of July Parade.

It’s a parade they do every year down in Allandale.  The community sets it up and they have the parade on White Rock Dr., I believe.  Everyone comes out and it’s very popular.  It’s a big community event.  Another thing they do here in Allandale is during Christmas everyone will put up a big candy cane out in their front yard.  So when you come here you see these giant candy canes everywhere.  It’s a tight knit community, there aren’t many neighborhoods that have so many community events.