Inexpensive Restaurants in Austin

Places to eat economically in Austin, Texas.

Finding a place to eat can be difficult for the one is that is very particular about what kind of food to eat in a restaurant. We have many choices all around us but if you are also a person who prefers to pay the least amount of money possible for a nice meal then it may be a little more difficult to find. If you are visiting Austin, Texas it is good to know the best places to eat for the minimum amount of money.

Fran’s Burgers is one of the best places to go in Austin for a reasonably low cost and great food. They have juicy burgers that come in three choices of large, larger, and huge. There’s no place that offers such large burgers like Fran’s. The atmosphere is also very old fashioned since it used to be a drive in. The interior and exterior is not polished up at all and looks like they just moved into a building that was falling apart. However, the food tastes great and it is not expensive which is what counts.

Stubb’s BBQ is another nice little restaurant that offers good food for reasonable prices and they have live entertainment. The type of food at this restaurant is Texas barbecue food and it has been around since the mid 80’s. The one thing I enjoy about this place is that you can listen to a live band while you eat.

If you like Japanese food then there is a restaurant that I would recommend as a place with good food and good prices. The place is called Zen and they offer very big portions that you could share with another person. It also serves chicken, steak and shrimp.
Galloways Sandwich Shop is located off of East 12th Street. They don’t have sandwiches but they offer other types of foods including fried chicken and pork chops. They also have breakfasts available with pancakes and fried eggs. Galloways is a very small place but good food with good prices.

A couple of other restaurants to check out are Hoovers which specializes in Southern food and Eddie V’s which is located near the arboretum downtown. You may pay a little more at these restaurants since they are near everything but you have to think about the convenience as well. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from in Austin that have good food for an economical price.