Crestview, Austin

Crestview is a community grown from miles of farmland, built with small-town charm, and located just minutes from the hustle of downtown! These homes have maintained their mid-century exteriors, some with completely updated and remodeled insides for those looking for a more trendy living space. The strong, down-to-earth community is centered around Crestview Shopping Center, which boasts an old time barber shop, an independent grocer, and the famous Top Notch Burgers drive-in from Dazed and Confused. This nabe is a true classic of the Austin scene.

Crestview Data

Top Attributes
  • Parking 9.0
  • Empty nesters 8.0
  • Seniors 7.8
  • Community 7.5
  • Clean 7.5
Lowest Attributes
  • Shopping 6.0
  • Green space 5.8
  • Nightlife 5.5
  • Singles 5.4
  • Income 2.7

Crestview, Austin Reviews

Crestview–Central, Retro, and Affordable

There are a lot of things that make Austin’s Crestview neighborhood a great place to call home. This neighborhood, located north of Koenig Lane, south of Anderson Lane, west of Lamar and east of Burnet Road, is about a 15-minute drive from downtown Austin. Most of the homes were built in the 1950s and many have that typical, retro 50’s ranch feel. A slew of the homes have been renovated. Many of the lots in Crestview are larger than lots in many of the comparable Central Austin neighborhoods, making it ideal for buyers looking for lots of green. Crestview has a somewhat bohemian vibe, maybe due to it’s proximity to Burnet Road and all of the eateries, bars, and thrift shops that make that bit of Burnet, north of 51st St, one of the funkiest stretches of pavement in Central Austin.

Crestview is still a great Central Austin value with homes in the $200,000-$350,000 range. Many of the homes in the neighborhood are two or three bedrooms with one bath, although there are also a number of three-bedroom, two-bath homes.

Crestview is also convenient to UT and to the Wednesday Farmer’s Market at the Triangle.

Carolyn Watts



Characterized by its bungalows and ranch style homes, this neighborhood is a pretty safe and mellow place to live. The residents are all very proud of the gardens that they have planted around their houses as they rightfully should be.

This neighborhood has a pretty good public transportation system that takes advantage of Austin’s bus and rail systems.

This neighborhood, like I said before, is a safe place to live and raise a family. You can commonly see strollers pushed up and down the streets or dogs being walked at all times of the day. Almost half of this neighborhoods population is taken up by families. There are no parks within this neighborhood but there are several close by.

It is a little expensive to live here even though it is a good distance from downtown. But I have a feeling that these residents don’t care much for the downtown life.

Adam K.


Heading towards Suburbia

Your heading towards suburbia, but not there yet. Crestview is close enough to Austin to keep that laid back vibe, and at its heart this is an affordable, family-friendly nabe full of single family homes.

If you want to fit in, take your dog or baby stroller for a walk, wear a robe to pick your paper up off your doorstep in the morning, and carpool.

Local hot spot
-Little Deli and Pizzeria
-Genuine Joe’s Coffeeshop

David B.


Uh Oh…Graffiti Problems

I saw something in the paper about Crestview having a serious graffiti problem. Apparently they have someone tagging all over the nabe, and the residents and neighborhood association are NOT having it. They are taking this serious and are determined to not only catch the taggers but remove all graffiti. I don’t blame them, graffiti sucks if it’s not a big beautiful mural somewhere. However, I can’t help but chuckle a bit over how serious their home owner’s association website is about the problem. Hey, if that’s their biggest problem, it’s probably a pretty damn good nabe to live in.

With their own anti graffiti yahoo group formed Crestview is not going to back down! Banksy, if you are coming to Austin, watch out.

Bridget D.


The Crestview Classic

Crestview boasts shady trees and old homes, like many Austin nabes. It is an old-town, family-oriented community centered around an elementary school… and at the same time, full of downtown-bound students and hipsters. This is a mix to be expected from such a lovely area within the ever-expanding proximity of Austin’s downtown nightlife.

Residents share Brentwood’s parks just across Justin Ln., and are just a short drive away from more popular spots, such as Zilker Park and the greenbelt. They enjoy neighboring dives like Poor House Pub and Poodie Dog Lounge, as well as plenty ofBBQ and burger joints. Oh yeah, have you heard? If not, you are going to love this… stop by the Top Notch Burgers drive-in and snap your own photo of the classic scene from Dazed and Confused. “I get older…they stay the same age.” Classic.

Katy G.