The Children’s Museum in Houston

General review of the Children’s Museum in Houston Texas.

Among the multiple museums and centers that make up the Houston Museum District, the Children’s Museum of Houston would be one of the most fun, and most original in use of color and architecture. Rated as the best children’s museum in the United States by MSN in a survey of youth museums, this institution is the highest attended youth museum of its size in the country. The Children’s Museum has fourteen galleries with hands-on exhibitions and outreach programs for children up to 12 years of age. The Children’s Museum of Houston has an attendance of more than 750,000 annually.

A group of Houston parents founded the museum with the hope of making early childhood development into a community-wide priority; and it now offers a variety of learning and educational services to a wide range of families.

The museum houses 14 multi-disciplined and bilingual exhibits and an auditorium seating 166, as well as a resource library for parents