Bryker Woods, Austin

It may not actually be in the forest, but suburban Bryker Woods is known for its towering age-old trees. This nabe enjoys incredibly eclectic real estate that’s known for being particularly colorful (yellow and lavender are popular!). While it’s minutes away from downtown and right next to UT districts, Bryker Woods pulls off the secluded residential vibe like a pro. If you fall and get a scratch here, fear not—there’s plenty of doctors living in the area thanks to the hospital within Bryker Woods’ borders. Residents here love hanging out by Shoal Creek and picking new pastels to paint their homes.

Bryker Woods Data
Top Attributes
  • Clean 8.6
  • Safety 8.4
  • Seniors 8.4
  • Quiet 8.3
  • Community 8.2
Lowest Attributes
  • Families 6.3
  • Income 6.2
  • Shopping 6.1
  • Singles 5.4
  • Nightlife 5.0

Bryker Woods, Austin Reviews

Courtney Graeber

Bustling and Dynamic

Despite Bryker Woods’ status as one of Austin’s oldest, most central neighborhoods, there is nothing static about it. Smaller lots and bustling streets pack a lot of action into this fairly dense area. Located within and around a high ratio of Austin’s doctor’s offices and Seton hospital, Bryker Woods is also a hub for shopping, dining, and many other small businesses.


Tom Thornton

Brykerwoods is a Central Austin neighborhood in Area 1B of the Austin MLS in the 78703 and 78705 ZIP codes. Brykerwoods is just northwest of the University of Texas. The approximate boundaries are 35th Street, Westover, North Lamar, and MoPac. Recent Brykerwoods home sales range from the upper $200,000’s to around $1,000,000. Most Brykerwoods homes for sale were built between 1930 and 1950, though there are a few mid-1950’s homes in the area. The average size of a Brykerwoods home for sale is roughly 1,650 square feet.

This Austin neighborhood is unique in that it does offer a fair number of “larger” old houses in the 1,800 to 2,500 square foot range; that said, they’re not inexpensive. Brykerwoods is served by AISD for schools. The two elementary schools are Casis and Brykerwoods, both of which have often been rated Exemplary by the Texas Education Agency. The primary middle school for the area is O’Henry, and Austin High School serves the entire neighborhood. (Note: zoning is always subject to change!)

Public schools are quite convenient to this neighborhood: Brykerwoods Elementary is in the neighborhood on Kerbey Lane. Casis Elementary is nearby at 27th and Exposition. O’Henry is located at the south end of Tarrytown on West 10th Street. Austin High is on the shores of Lady Bird Lake on West Cesar Chavez. If you’re thinking of private schools, some options are St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, Kirby Hall School, Rawson-Saunders School, Huntington-Surrey High School, The Girls’ School of Austin, and St. Austin’s School. All are located within 2 to 3 miles of Brykerwoods.

Brykerwoods has great, walkable parks. They include Shoal Creek Park, Bailey Park, and Seider’s Springs Park, as well as the small park at Jefferson and 34th Street. Two golf courses are nearby: Hancock Golf Course on 41st Street and Lions Municipal on Enfield Road.


Katy G.

Enchanted Bryker Woods

Bryker Woods carries itself with an enchanting small-town vibe. With enormous oak trees, roaming school children, windy roads, and beautiful parks, it really feels like an Austin version of the little old town I grew up in. A strong neighborhood association preserves this vibe with careful planning and savvy resistance to big developers. This neighborhood is conveniently located for families and young professionals because of its proximity to many schools, hospitals, and business offices around Austin.

•Brykerwoods Elementary
•Casis Elementary
•Austin High

•St. Andrew’s Episcopal School
•Kirby Hall School
•Rawson-Saunders School
•Huntington-Surrey High School
•The Girls’ School of Austin
•St. Austin’s School.

•Shoal Creek Park
•Bailey Park
•Seider’s Springs Park
•Bryker Woods Park

•Russell’s Bistro
•Hill-Bert’s Burgers
•El Arbol
•Austin’s Pizza
•Brick Oven
•Pasta & Co
•Waterloo Ice House
•34th Street Cafe
•Smoke N O’s Hookah Cafe
•FINO Restaurant Patio & Bar
•Kerbey Lane Cafe
•Banzai Sushi & Grill
•Upper Crust Bakery
•Get Sum (dimsun)
•Central Market


Adam K.

More Than Just A Hospital

The Seton Medical Center is a predominant part of this neighborhood since it takes up most of its north side. The neighborhood does not like this intrusion of the medical center though because it creates traffic issues and they fear it will expand farther in to their neighborhood. The Seton Medical Center has generated a lot of business for Bryker Woods so I’m not sure why they are so mad. Many restaurants and shops have popped up around the Medical Park bringing business and wealth in to their neighborhood. I guess if more shops pop up though, it will leave them less room to build more homes.

The homes in this area are rather expensive since they are located close to downtown and around such booming businesses. Many people who live in this area either work downtown or at the University of Texas.

This neighborhood has many paths and trails for running or biking and has a couple of popular parks. This neighborhood also boasts to have historic bridges and houses that are well kept and maintained. Many of the houses in this area are expected to be well maintained as well.

What’s awesome

Location. Paths and Trails.


David B.

Much more than just a part of the WANG

Bryker Woods is a classic Austin Nabe full of single family homes, a good elementary school and a large hospital (Seton).

The houses here are a little larger, many two stories and most are fixed up. You won’t find many random streets here with a row of rundown, unkempt houses. Bryker Woods residents generally keep their property looking pretty.

Bryker Woods is a also a member of the West Austin Neighborhood Group, or WANG. Formed in 1973, the WANG is large and boasts strong community participation which means it wields substantial power in unison with the Bryker Woods Neighborhood Association. If you look at a map and see the size of the WANG you will be impressed. So, if you’re living in Bryker Woods you can sleep soundly knowing you are with theWANG.

What’s awesome



Jack .

dinosaurs make neighborhoods cooler

I liked jogging by Shoal Creek when I lived in West Campus—nice and quiet, everyone here’s very pleasant (but duh, it’s Austin, so everyone everywhere is pleasant).

Coolest thing about Shoal Creek?
back in the 90s a dino fossil was discovered here! A Plesiosaur—aquatic dinosaur that kinda looks like a swimming brachiosaurus