Allandale, Austin

Centrally located without being smack dab in Austin’s urban core, this suburban-feeling nabe is quiet and pretty. Single-family homes of the 2-4 bedroom bungalow variety offer options for all situations. The community has banded together and added many improvements to this nabe, including infrastructure to prevent flooding and a new public library. An annual Fourth of July parade that has existed since the sixties provides summer time fun and a “Candy Cane Lane” brings holiday cheer to residents in winter.

Allandale Data

Top Attributes
  • Empty nesters 9.6
  • Seniors 9.2
  • Parking 8.8
  • Safety 8.7
  • Clean 8.4
Lowest Attributes
  • Green space 5.7
  • Shopping 5.4
  • Singles 5.0
  • Nightlife 5.0
  • Income 3.7

Allandale, Austin Reviews

Adam K.

Popular For Families

Allandale is a great place for families to live because of their large but not overbearing houses, safety, large lots, and quiet suburban setting. It is situated next to major roads like MoPac, I35, and 360 that make it convenient to commute anywhere you need to go.

Downtown Austin is only a short drive away, Lake Austin is close as well, and there are several parks within a short distance for your kids to enjoy. There are many schools for your child to attend that are close by as well. This is basically the ideal place to raise a family in Austin.


David B.

Who complains about Allandale?

Not many people can find reasons to complain about Allandale. It’s inside Austin, and relatively affordable for being an old nabe so close to downtown, Mopac and 2222. Close isn’t quite the right term, maybe CONNECTED to Mopac and 2222. The houses aren’t big and neither is the nightlife, but people aren’t moving to Allandale for nightlife.

Allandale residents want a nice, quiet nabe with access to neat shops and restaurants and within easy reach of the rest of the city and Lake Austin.


Marc W.

A Tight-nit Community Makes For A Great Place For Your Family

Allandale is located about fifteen minutes drive northwest of Downtown Austin. This nabe is suburban in character, but has a very tight-nit community vibe precipitated heavily by the neighborhood association. The NA makes it their mission to bring the community together, and to improve the quality of life for residents of the nabe, and they tend to succeed wildly. their activities have, among other things, added infrastructure to help prevent flooding, raised funds for the construction of a library, and helped improve the main park in the nabe.

Housing in Allandale comes in the form of single family homes, usually in the 2-4 bedroom range, and across all architectural styles. Fixer-uppers can be procured, or you could spend a bit more and get a recently renovated and expanded home for your expanding family. Average housing values hover around the 250,000 mark. The schools are considered some of the best in the Austin area, with both elementary schools on the NA’s adopt-a-school program, providing funding and supplies donated by residents.


Katy G.

Allandale’s Old Austin Atmosphere

Allandale is a neighborhood of established charm. The small to medium-size homes are great for couples without children or older empty nesters. Many of the current residents have lived there for decades and built up a strong sense of community.

– Mature trees

– Very well maintained and/or updated homes

– 10 minute drive to anywhere you would want to go in Austin

– Easy traffic compared to other central locations

– Tons of cute shops, restaurants, and coffee shops

– Lots of older, original Austin residents mixed with a younger eclectic crowd

This a great neighborhood to live in, with a very older “original” Austin atmosphere… and the houses are still affordable… for now.


Bridget D.

Dreamin’ about the future

When I wear mom jeans and my hubby is pulling a wagon chalk full of kids behind us on a walk around the block, Allandale is the place I’d like to be.

Until then, I’ll cherish my youth and live in a place a little more lively and fun!


Courtney Graeber

Allandale: an Abundance of Charm

Always a quiet, safe, centrally- located and family- oriented neighborhood, Allandale can add another adjective to its list: hip.